Team Building at Kitsap Great Escape

A Great Way To Spend Your Day At Work

We can host team building event for 20 people with our three unique rooms simultaneously. We can set up multiple rounds of games for up to 40 people. To better serve our customer, we are flexible in time and setups. Please give us a call to customize your group event.

How Is This Team Building?
Using escape games as a corporate outing is an excellent way to promote a healthy work environment in a fun and exciting way. Here at Kitsap Great Escape, we strive to make sure your team is challenged and encouraged to cooperate. Whether you have a team with a rich history or maybe one that is just breaking the ice, escape rooms are a proven way to get even the quietest person in the office to open up. We give your team a common goal to work towards, and while it seems simple enough, there are many ways of achieving it. If your team is going to succeed in escaping it is going to take full group participation, effective communicating, and sound leadership. The strength of every team member will surely shine.

How Does It Work?
Once we put your team in a room, they are given exactly one hour to complete a given scenario that they can only achieve by solving every puzzle in the room. It is impossible to escape without completing every task. So the experience is much more than simply “escaping a room.” Every puzzle is a challenge, and our rooms are designed to stump even the smartest person in your office. Nothing is permitted in the room (bags, cell phones, food, drinks, etc.) to ensure you can fully focus. There is a lot to do, and not a lot of time do it.

Why Book With Kitsap Great Escape?
Here at Kitsap Great Escape, we do our best to make sure everybody in your team gets involved. Our puzzles are designed to make cooperating a must. Every room is jam-packed with challenging puzzles. None of our rooms are easy. Our convenient location makes for easy access. Add our flexible scheduling and friendly staff to the mix, and you have yourself a corporate event unlike any other!

What Else Does Kitsap Great Escape Offer?

We have a conference room with TV  for your group to gather before or after you enjoy our escape rooms. The room is equipped with a kitchenette w/ refrigerator. There are multiple room setups available to accommodate your groups size and need.  

How Do I Book?

Reservations can be booked online, but we encourage you to give us a call and experience our friendly staff. If you want to book a time that you do not see on our calendar, we have great flexibility, and we will accommodate if possible. If your group is too large for just one room: We can reserve multiple rooms for you. We have 2 reservation options: Private Rooms (Reserves an entire room for your team) and Public Rooms (Reserves individual tickets leaving remaining space in the room open to the public). We always recommend a private booking for corporate parties. We do require payment at the time of reservation. Please keep in mind: All sales are final. So, before you book: Be sure you have an accurate headcount of all participants. Once reserved, there are no refunds. 

Give us a call or send us an e-mail ( if you have any questions!