Our Rooms

3 Great Rooms to Choose From!


Sector X

  There has been a discovery of life on other planets… A mission has been brought forth to study new forms of life and the program has chosen...You!   You are scientists assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station. You have been collecting specimens all over the universe in hopes of understanding the far reaches of the galaxy. In a turn of events, a malfunction has occurred and the containment chamber holding a new species of life has escaped! Your mission is to locate the rogue specimen before it reproduces and takes over the entire ship! You have one hour to restore the containment chamber and capture the specimen. 



The Terminal

   It’s 1988 and you are a maintenance crew called to save passengers on a New York City subway train. A power blackout in the system has ensued chaos on the subway lines throughout Manhattan. A runaway subway train is careening full speed toward the Brooklyn terminal. Your objective is to restore power to the terminal and stop the train from derailing. You have one hour before the train reaches the Brooklyn terminal and the only way to stop it is to access the remote shut off button. Can you pull it together and save everyone on the train? 


3rd Room Reveal Soon